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 Each pouch of Whole Leaf contains an entire premium tobacco leaf that is 100% natural, free of chemicals, and unflavored. With the Whole Leaf, you can roll your own as you like, allowing you to take control over the size of the wrapper you need.


Loose Leaf Banana Dream from the online figure Destodubb, founder of That’s an Awful Lot of Cough Syrup. This is one of the most popular blunt wrap brands to date. With support from rappers such as Trippie Redd, Drakeo The Ruler, and Chris Brown! Try Russian Cream, Honey Bourbon, Strawberry Dream, Banana Dream, and Reserve Black today! Loose Leaf products are made with premium tobacco, cut perfectly for ease of use.


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For our first time, we tried the visually pleasing Strawberry Matcha and the Alishan Oolong Milk Tea.

Dennis G.

I get the banana foster with oat milk, boba, full sweetness and cheese foam on top about 4x a week.

Andrew B.

Really great quality and a big variety of nice grown buds.
And the service is great too!
Very fast shipping!